Wednesday, 01 August 2012 08:00

August Letter

Dear Parents,

The school year is about to begin and we are happy to welcome many new children to our Future Kid’s family.  We hope that your child has a wonderful experience with us.  As summer nears its end, here are a few important reminders:

Thursday, August 9th is the last official day of Summer VPK.  The VPK children will have a “Goodbye” class party on Wednesday, August 8th and a fieldtrip to Powertumble Gymnastics & Sports Center on Thursday, August 9thIf you would like to bring your child for drop-in care on Friday, August 10th, our Summer Camp program is available.  Please see the office staff for our daily rates.

Monday, 04 June 2012 09:30

June Letter

Thursday, 03 May 2012 12:50

May Letter

Thursday, 05 April 2012 11:51

April Letter

Dear Parents,

In the western world, the butterfly symbolizes freedom, fun, joyous times, and a state of naturalness and purity. During the month of March, the VPK rooms witnessed the lifecycle of butterflies as they transformed from eggs to caterpillars to cocoons to butterflies. After hearing the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the children set the butterflies free. Those of us who work with young children are blessed to experience humanity in its purest and most natural form. It never ceases to bring us joy to witness the amazement in the eyes of children as they witness the wonders of nature.

Throughout the month of April, the children will make rain in a jar, learn that plants need water to grow, and learn about foods that grow on trees. The afterschool children will attempt to make a greenhouse...

Monday, 05 March 2012 19:24

March Letter

Dear Parents,

Happy March! One of the goals of our curriculum is to provide children with an appreciation of their world and stimulate their natural curiosity, and spring is the perfect time to do this. March activities will explore changes in nature, blossoming plants, insects and bugs, and outer space.

Another goal of our curriculum is to expose children to as many aspects of different cultures as we can. With this is mind, we are very happy to announce that we will be bringing Mandarin, the most spoken language in the world, to Future Kids. Ms. Zhong Zhi, or “Miss Lucy,” who has taught classes at Sunset Academy and is a native of China, will begin teaching Mandarin, as well as various aspects of the Chinese culture, to all of the children from PK3 to Afterschool, once a week. Classes will begin on March 7th for PK3 and the morning VPK students; and, on March 9th, for the afternoon VPK and After-school students.

Saturday, 04 February 2012 12:33

February Letter

Dear Parents,

During February, children's activities will encompass "Feelings and Emotions," "Homes and Families," "Caring for Pets," and "Random Acts of Kindness." Teaching children to care, not only about themselves but also about others, is one of the surest ways to help children maintain good health, be happy and be well adjusted. Research indicates that people who consistently help other people experience less depression, greater calm, fewer pains and better health. They may even live longer.

As children work on "Homes and Families," they will learn about different types of homes (Social Studies). They will create homes using a variety of recycled materials. As they strategically place squares, rectangles, and triangles together to build their homes, they will reinforce the concepts of large and small, above and below, and inside or outside (practicing math skills). As the children converse and share ideas about building their structures, they will increase their vocabulary skills, practice sharing and taking turns, and work together cooperatively, all important social skills.

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