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February Letter

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February Letter February Letter

Dear Parents,

During February, children's activities will encompass "Feelings and Emotions," "Homes and Families," "Caring for Pets," and "Random Acts of Kindness." Teaching children to care, not only about themselves but also about others, is one of the surest ways to help children maintain good health, be happy and be well adjusted. Research indicates that people who consistently help other people experience less depression, greater calm, fewer pains and better health. They may even live longer.

As children work on "Homes and Families," they will learn about different types of homes (Social Studies). They will create homes using a variety of recycled materials. As they strategically place squares, rectangles, and triangles together to build their homes, they will reinforce the concepts of large and small, above and below, and inside or outside (practicing math skills). As the children converse and share ideas about building their structures, they will increase their vocabulary skills, practice sharing and taking turns, and work together cooperatively, all important social skills.

Through the themes of "Feelings and Emotions," children will learn about naming their feelings (building vocabulary skills). They will also learn about recognizing the facial features and body language associated with different feelings; and, they will learn about appropriate ways to deal with them (increasing their social skills).

As we discuss "Taking Care of Pets," children will learn about different types of pets and the importance of treating them responsibly and with kindness. Studies show that developing positive feelings about pets can contribute to a child's self-esteem and self-confidence, can aid in the development of trusting relationships with others, and can help in developing non-verbal communication, compassion, and empathy. Pets also provide a connection to nature and can teach respect for other living things.

Valentine's Day, February 14th, will be celebrated with arts and crafts, cooking activities, classroom parties, and card exchanges in each classroom. Make sure to sign your child's classroom door for the list of goodies to bring.

On January 24th, we will be participating in the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Hop-a-Thon, a program which promotes the awareness of physically challenged children and their needs, and gives us an opportunity to help. Muscular dystrophy is a disease in which the muscles of the body get weaker and weaker and slowly stop working.

The preschoolers will participate in a weeklong disability awareness program with hands-on activities, books, and videos. At the end of the week, the children will hop to raise money for MDA. We would tremendously appreciate your help by asking friends, coworkers and family members to sponsor your child by making a small donation or pledge for each hop. These funds will go directly to medical research, services and education for victims of the disease.

On January 29th, be sure to come to our parent workshop on "Dialogue, Sharing, and Reading" with Lizbeth Marquez-Ganovsky from the University of Miami from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. We are sure you will enjoy it!

We would like to express our gratitude to Shaina Rodriguez (Kayla's mother) for donating geometric shapes, balance scales, and teacher resource books. These are truly appreciated as they will help the children to practice math skills and the teachers to obtain activity ideas. We are also grateful to Deyma Montero (mother of Andres) who volunteered her time to help the VPK children build cardboard houses. Special thanks to Noeli Romero (mother of Mayela) for baking brownies to celebrate "Chocolate Cake Day." We are very grateful to all of you for your help and support.

Expecting a wonderful month of fun and learning!

Future Kids Staff.

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