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our philosophy at Future Kids AcademyOur philosophy is inspired by Jean Piaget's ideas about how children think and learn. It considers the natural abilities of children and encourages the acquirement of new skills, knowledge, and values in a safe child-centered environment, using play and exploration as the essential tools for learning.

Structured activities are designed to help children develop a desire to learn about their world, as well as skills for social-emotional well-being and future academic success. Our environment provides many elements for children to experience a sense of discovery. Every day we create conditions that stimulate curiosity and encourage our children’s desire to explore, investigate and experiment with elements in their surroundings.

Our highly qualified personnel, along with the support of our parent community, give us the ability to provide activities which enhance the physical, cognitive, linguistic, creative and socio-emotional development of children. Our environment integrates science, math, and early literacy into every interest area providing children with a well-rounded learning experience.

We are located at...

5765 Lantana Road, Lake Worth, FL 33465
Phone: (561) 432-7887 -Test

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